Ever wonder how the CG team over at Blizzard produces their amazing introductory sequences for games like World of Warcraft? Thanks to the staff at the CG Channel, we now have our answers. They recently had the opportunity to interview Blizzard's Jeff Chamberlain and Fausto De Martini, giving them an inside look into the process and production of such a high quality trailer. Here's a sneak peek:

With WoW, actual game play feels much more stylized than the cinematics used in the beginning of the game and in the trailers. How far off do you feel Blizzard is to making games that feel more like a playable cinematic? Will this ever be a realistic endeavor or goal?

While it's fair to say the cinematics department’s stuff has more of a realistic art style than the in-game art, it's important to point out that we aren't striving for realism, but more of an exaggerated, epic, hyper-realism.

The artists on our game teams are really good at working with technical restrictions that we aren’t bound by, and they create amazingly beautiful, rich worlds that remain compelling to look at and explore for years on end. We have a great deal of respect for them. As technology advances, the look of the games and the cinematics might start to converge, but since each serves a different purpose, they might also keep some clear distinctions between them. It would depend on the individual project.

You can read the entire interview by heading over to CG Channel's website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016