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Welcome to Ten Ton Hammer's Community Spotlight for World of Warcraft with your host,
Xerin. In today’s spotlight is "Guild Mum” a rather small blog that covers the daily life of Sephrenia, a
Priest by night and a loving mother by day. We’re going to start a weekly feature trying to shine our
large spotlight into the depths of the WoW community to showcase some amazing resources, daily
reads, and fan created sites so that they can get more exposure and our online community can grow.

The Basics

Guild Mum is a blog that’s updated roughly once to twice a week with minor fluctuations, so we’ll put it
in the weekly updater category. It’s not new either, it’s been around over three years now, with updates
each month, winning it the “keeps on trucking” award and is one of the prime reasons I feel this blog
deserves some much needed attention.

As for the design and layout, we’re looking at a rather generic theme that serves to deliver the content
but there is nothing fancy and we’ve got what many in this column will grow accustomed to the generic
Blood Elf banner, but don’t let that deter you from what this blog has to offer.

Shortly after this is a few rage comics, an obvious plus for any WoW blog.

Reasons to Read this WoW Blog

Many of you may not find this blog appealing, because it doesn’t deal with how to sharpen your blade
to perfection in order to down WoW’s latest villain, but it does offer much more. That’s the insight of a
somewhat casual gamer and her adventures throughout Azeroth.

For instance, a large portion of the blog is dedicated to the collection of pets. Starting at the beginning
you can see the start of someone’s passion for collecting advance into full fledge addiction. The best
part is the conversations the blog author has with Blizzard GMs on a regular basis about daily quests and
even Greatfather Winter, both of which gave me a great chuckle for wit and creativity.

Of course pet collecting isn’t the focal point, the day to day adventures of the blog author is, which gives
way to some interesting and intriguing posts. For instance, one post showcases a player hitting level
80 with nine characters in a row. That’s one feat that I find almost impossible to balance the perfect
amount of experience and the excitement with each ding.

Then there is the one defining thing that secured it as the first stop in our upcoming long journey
through the blogosphere: rage comics. That’s right, the blog contains a certain bit of randomness to
keep it from being choppy or one long LiveJournal styled rant about the game. For that, we can give it
some big kudos, because a vast majority of personal WoW blogs reflect the same attitude LiveJournal
did 8 years ago.

Reasons to Avoid this WoW Blog

Of course, with anything, there are a few cons. This is a personal blog updated weekly. Meaning that the
focus is on the personal life of a WoW player which stands to be either a bit voyeur-esq in a sense and a
bit bland on the “wham pow bam” exciting factor. On the flipside, there is a huge amount of interest in
personal blogs as they give us a bit of insight into lives that we normally wouldn’t have. Bloggers open
themselves up and share in their lives so others could partake of it, and there is where the magic is

Additionally, as said previously, updates are a bit infrequent, averaging out to about once a week.
So there isn’t much reason to set this blog as your homepage or wait on the edge of your seat for an
update, but there isn’t much reason not to add it to your feedreader or bookmarks.


Overall, I rate this blog as an “Add it to your feed reader!” on our scale of “What do I do with this link?”
The blog is interesting, the author does a good job sharing her story to the readers, and it provides a
deep inside look to the life of a WoW mom. On the other hand, it is updated only three to four times a
month (although still updated three years later) so it defiantly isn’t a daily destination.

So go ahead and visit Guild Mum! If you have any questions or comments about the blog feel free to
leave them below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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