Perhaps as we had all guessed, the days of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor are numbered. While Warlords is ushered out, a new expansion is just on the horizon. Legion is the name of the newest expansion and was officially announced by Blizzard developers today via live stream from Gamescon 2015. Packed full of new features and changes, the announcement has the internet buzzing with the transformations that will take place in the next chapter of WoW. Check out an overview of what the newest expansion has to offer below:


As you may have guessed, World of Warcraft: Legion focuses directly on the Burning Legion who are back and more terrible than ever before. These big baddies, with some help with the nefarious Gul'dan, are bringing the fight to our home turf. Even worse, the Legion's ultimate goal is to raise their fallen leader dark titan leader; Sargeras. Sounds bad, right?

Thankfully, we won't be fighting on our own. To combat the overwhelming power of the Legion we will be heading into a world that has until now been undiscovered. Here we will seek out legendary weapons and the aid of the Demon Hunters of the Illadari to help us stand against the dark tide that threatens to overwhelm Azeroth. Will it be enough to save our world form the dark tide of the Burning Legion?

Broken Isles

Wild and beautiful, the Broken Isles have been relatively untouched by any on Azeroth. However, it is not uninhabited. These Isles are home to a lost Night Elf civilization, which may hold the key to the fate of Turalyon and Alleria. Dalaran will take up residence here. Zones inside the Broken Isles include:

  • High Mountain
  • Stormheim
  • Val'sharah
  • Suramar
  • Azuna
  • The Broken Shore

Artifact Weapons

Players will be seeking out Artifact Weapons such as the Doomhammer, Frostmourne, and other legendary weapons to aid them in their fight against the Legion. Each class specialization will have its own weapon to seek, but don't think you won't stand out in a crowd. Each weapon comes with several designs to make your weapon feel like something special. Besides customizing the look of your weapon, your weapon will also grow in power, possessing its own set of abilities that will aid you in the fight against the demonic forces.

Order Halls

It seems that even with the threat of the Legion on the doorstep, the Horde and Alliance are still on the brink of war. Since the two factions cannot work together, the various classes have formed alliances to combat the threat. This is where the Order Hall comes into play; an updated form of the Garrison from Warlords, the Order Hall is a private spaced shared with other members of your class. While Followers will be a thing of the past, players will need to recruit Champions. These are much like Followers, but fewer in number, more meaningful, and hopefully less of a headache.

Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter is a brand new class that will be available in World of Warcraft: Legion. A hero class, like the Death Knight, the Demon Hunter will start at level 100 and have an entirely different leveling experience than any other class. The Demon Hunter is melee class with two specializations: Havoc (DPS) and Vengeance (Tank). Able to metamorphose and use a double jump ability, the Demon Hunter will be sure to impress, even if the class is only reserved for Blood Elves and Night Elves.

Level Cap Increase

As with every new expansion, a level increase is coming. Legion will increase the level cap by 10, taking maximum level from 100 to 110. Worried about playing catch up? Each expansion purchase will come with 1 free level 100 boost and additional boosts will likely be available for purchase.

Dungeons and Raids

For those players looking for PvE content, Legion is promised to be a memorable expansion. With more dungeons than ever before, Blizzard developers have stated that they won't be viable for only the first month of game play. Samples of dungeons we may see include:

  • Eye of Azshara
  • Halls of Valor
  • Vault of the Wardens

Even better, raids in Legion will be of the quality we have seen in Warlords and perhaps better. Players will get the chance to venture into places such as the Emerald Dream and Suramar Palace. They will even get the chance to finally face off against Gul'dan, a battle that has been waiting to happen for years.

Honor System

Finally, PvP players, a little something can be found in this expansion for you. A whole new Honor system is being put into place. PvP fans can level from 1-50 and earn perks, bonuses, and talents along the way. Also, players may choose to trade in their Honor Levels and earn Prestige Ranks. Each time you Prestige, you will earn Portrait Badges as well as unique mounts and PvP Artifact variants.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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