Persistent world game economies are fragile and delicate things that if
left unattended can become subject to inflation levels that would make
Ronald Regan blush. In our first of what we hope to be many weekly Top
Ten lists, we href=""
target="_blank">take a look at some of the devices
Blizzard uses to maintain virtual fiscal responsibility.
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style="margin-bottom: 2px; text-shadow: none;"> style="text-shadow: none;">Flight
– With the release of Cataclysm this system’s days may
be numbered, but for much of the game’s history this slight nickel and
dime operation removed a ton of excess coin. If you have seen the movie
Office Space then you are no doubt familiar with the thought process of
getting rich not by taking a large sum from one person, but by taking
lots of very small amounts from everyone. While most of Blizzard’s cash
grab mechanics operate on this principle – none were as subtle as this
one that lined the pockets of Flightmasters everywhere.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016