This week's affixes are Tyrannical, Raging, Necrotic and Infested. This is a fairly easy week for most dungeons but very difficult for some. Below will be a few tips to make your runs a little smoother. You can also grab your virgin casino promo code here.  Hunter's and Druids can soothe the enrage from raging, making certain enemies much easier.

Atal'Dazar (Easy)

Tanks will have to kite certain non-boss packs to reset your Necrotic stacks. The Reanimated Honor Guards should be soothed when they enrage along with any other hard hitting trash mobs.

Siege of Boralus (Easy)

Any pack with a large amount of mobs will need to be kited by your tank to avoid Necrotic. Enemies can be soothed when possible but no mob should have to be soothed. Be careful on the last boss as it hits very hard on Tyrannical.

Underrot (Easy)

The trash should not be a problem here. The first and last boss will likely be the scariest parts. Make sure you interrupt the first boss as well as her Blood Mirrors. As for the last boss, Make sure you clear your stacks each time Cleansing Light is cast or you will die very fast to Putrid Blood.


Since this is a trash oriented dungeon, it will always be easier on Tyrannical. The third boss should be the only part that might prove a little difficult healing-wise. Otherwise, should be fairly easy.

Waycrest Manor (Medium)

Many of the large packs will need to be kited for Necrotic but should not be too much of an issue. The Heartsbane Triad and Soulbound Goliath will likely be the scariest bosses. Make sure you interrupt the Triad whenever possible to reduce damage. As for the Soulbound Goliath, Defensives and personal healing will help you get through the Burning Brush. 

Freehold (Medium)

Trash mobs will need to be Kited for Necrotic but should not be a problem. The Council O' Captains and Trothak will likely the the hardest parts of the dungeon. Watch Eudora to see who she is targeting with Powder Shot. If that target is low, use a defensive or external healing CD. As for Trothak, be very careful with the sharks, as they will kill you very quickly. Stand near the bloody meat on the ground to be able to run the Flailing Sharks through it if you are targetted.

Kings Rest (Medium)

For the most part, not too much changes here. The trash after the Golden Serpent will need to die quickly as most of them cannot be kited easily. As for the bosses. The first and third bosses will likely be the hardest. You will probably want a druid for the first boss, allowing you to Mass Entangle the adds. The Third boss, typically Kula the Butcher, will be difficult as well. Healers will need to watch players hit with Severing Axe as they will take heavy damage. All players will need to avoid Whirling Axes, as the extra damage will quickly make the fight unhealable.

Temple of Sethralis (Hard)

The trash here should not be an issue until the Eye of Sethralis gauntlet. All of the adds there apply necrotic, meaning you should kite them permanently, using slows, roots and stuns from your group. As for the bosses, the first boss will likely be the hardest. Any extra damage will make the fight extremely difficult. The third boss also hits very hard and might require some extra coordination on soaking.

Tol Dagor (Hard)

The hardest part of this dungeon will likely be the first boss. The extra Buzzing Drones that he spawns all give Necrotic, giving the tank a very hard time. Tanks are advised to run far away from players with Upheaval so the boss has to chase you, giving you more time to drop Necrotic. DPS should prioritize killing and CCing the adds that spawn as well. If you get through the first boss, just make sure to open the cells before the second boss and the rest will be fairly easy.

Shrine of the Storm (Hard)

This is always one of the harder dungeons, but this week is one of the easier weeks for Shrine. The second and third boss are likely the only parts that might give you trouble. Make sure you interrupt all of the Slicing Blasts from Faye and the fight should be easy. As for the third boss, it shgould be fairly easy unless your healer is targeted by the Ancient Mindbender. Try to keep all of your orbs close together so your healer can break the CC quickly, otherwise you might suffer casualties while they are pacified.




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Last Updated: Dec 20, 2018

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