This week's affixes are Fortified, Sanguine, Necrotic and Infested. This is a fairly easy week. Below will be a few tips to make your runs a little smoother.

Atal'Dazar (Easy)

For the most part, nothing changes. Tanks will have to kite certain non-boss packs but your path should not change much. No boss should give you a very hard time either.

Siege of Boralus (Easy)

Your path will not change but you will have to be wary of the trash before the third boss. Those packs hit very hard on their own and tanks can get caught off guard by necrotic very quickly. However, the rest of the dungeon and the bosses should be easy.

Underrot (Easy)

You will likely want to fight the large pack of ticks on the left after the first boss rather than going right, there are more mobs, but you should be able to kite them until they die since they have very low health. Other than that, only the last boss might be difficult if the fight goes long.

Waycrest Manor (Easy)

With most trash packs, being similar in size and difficulty, there shouldn't be a particular spot where you would get stuck. The hardest part will likely be the trash near Raal. The maggots can quickly ramp Necrotic if you are not kiting. As for bosses, none of them should be a huge threat.

Freehold (Medium)

You might want to avoid the bigger packs and instead focus on giants and other larger mobs to reduce necrotic. Tanks should be careful on pulls with many mobs, kiting whenever possible. Bosses should not be a problem as long as your DPS is sufficient.

Tol Dagor (Medium)

The hardest part of this dungeon will likely be the first boss. The extra Buzzing Drones that he spawns all give Necrotic, giving the tank a very hard time. Tanks are advised to run far away from players with Upheaval so the boss has to chase you, giving you more time to drop Necrotic. DPS should prioritize killing and CCing the adds that spawn as well. If you get through the first boss, just make sure to open the cells before the second boss and the rest will be fairly easy.

Kings Rest (Medium)

For the most part, not too much changes here. The trash after the first boss, the Golden Serpent, will likely be the toughest part of the dungeon. CC the mobs when possible and kite otherwise.

Temple of Sethralis (Medium)

This dungeon plays the same as most weeks, trash before the second boss will be deadly if you pull too much at a time. Take that part slower and there shouldn't be too much of an issue.


Since this is a trash oriented dungeon, it will always be more difficult on Fortified. Many difficult packs you will want to CC. If you need to kite, make sure you kite back where you came from to avoid pulling more packs.

Shrine of the Storm (Hard)

This is one of the better weeks for Shrine of the Storm, but it is still one of the more difficult dungeons. The second Boss will apply Nectrotic quickly if you do not kite efficiently. The trash after the second boss will be very difficult on Fortified. Get past the second boss and the trash past it and you should be home free.




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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2018

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