Sometimes it’s difficult to cull through all the components of the
week’s topic and pick out the 10 best, this week however it’s
easy-mode. We are ranking the game’s 10 classes from style="text-shadow: none;"
target="_blank">worst to best in a no holds
barred, winner take all, fight to the finish.
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style="margin-bottom: 2px; text-shadow: none;"> style="text-shadow: none;">World of Warcraft, for the
uninitiated, features 10 playable classes and since we like to count
things in groups of 10 here – it seemed like a natural fit. Read on to
see how your favorite class fared against the rest of the lot, and
don’t worry no actual scientific evidence or empirical data was
collected – it’s 100% subjective opinion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016