As if it weren’t
bad enough that he attacked your class in last week’s list, Jason
“Medawky” Bolton has gone after the final taboo – your race. 
In a move of unprecedented political
incorrectness we rate all 12 of World of Warcraft’s races from href="">worst
to first, how
will your favorite do? 

It’s hard to
keep a straight face when someone in game accuses you of racism for
picking on
gnomes, I mean come on – their gnomes for god’s sake!  On a
serious note; just like last week’s look
at the various classes of WoW this article contains no hard facts or
evidence, it’s a purely subjective look with only my opinion as my
guide.  The additions of Worgen and Goblin have
created a surplus of races in the context of a top 10 list, so were
giving you
free bonus content here.
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016