World PvP in Outland

There are four main locations in Outland where you’ll find the majority of world PvP going on. The locations are inside Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terokkar Forest, and Nagrand. These three zones have various world PvP goals that can be overtaken for some extremely nice rewards (with all of them containing a 5% damage dealt bonus for the entire zone). It’s also a great way to earn Marks for various Outland factions. These marks can be turned in for some really nice reputation based gear.

Hellfire Peninsula

There are three locations that can be taken over by simply having your faction stand beside the flag area until control is given to your side. Once all three locations are under the control of your faction you’ll gain 5% damage dealt bonus for your faction in Hellfire Peninsula and any instances within.

There is a questline for both the Horde and Alliance called Hellfire Fortifications. The quest simply asks you to take over the three “fortifications” for your faction and rewards you with three Marks of Honor Hold/Thrallmar (depending on your faction). The quests can be repeated for reputation until you’re Exalted with Honor Hold/Thrallmar.


There is a town within Nagrand known as Halaa located on an island. The island requires that all fifteen NPC guards be killed along with having a force that outnumbers the defending faction in order to overtake it. Once the town of Halaa is under the control of your faction you’ll gain a 5% damage dealt bonus throughout the zone along with access to the city of Halaa that offers some unique items along with NPCs who accept Halaa Battle Tokens (won through Halaa PvP) for various gear.

Terokkar Forest

There are five towers around Auchindoun that must be overtaken by your faction in order to gain control. Once control is gained you’ll receive 5% damage dealt and 5% experience gained bonus along with the ability to collect spirits shards within Auchindoun which can be turned in for PvP rewards.


Zangarmarsh has two beacons that must be taken by your faction in order to access a tower in the center area. The tower must be taken for the Twin Spire Blessing buff which gives 5% damage dealt along with a special graveyard that is located nearby the tower. To take the tower a player must go to either Zabra’jin or Telredor to obtain a flag and run it to the tower. If the flag makes it to the tower successfully (i.e. the runner isn’t killed) then the tower becomes the property of the attacking faction and the event is reset.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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