It's that time of year again when presents are spawning in Ironforge and Orgrimmar full of awesome (and sometimes annoying) gifts for all. Milk becomes a scarce commodity before newer players realize that it's available from a nearby vendor and the 2 gold they paid on the auction house was way more than it was worth. Yes it's time for the Feast of Winter Veil and this year Blizzard has asked the community to write in their letters to Greatfather Winter. David "Xerin" Piner submits his slightly different letter to Greatfather Winter in hopes that it may be read. Check it out and come to our forums to discuss what you asked Greatfather Winter for this year!

At Blizzcon this year those who craft our world heralded in a new age of Warcraft where all content is accessible by anyone who wants to view it. Difficulty is scalable, but never to reach the level of unattainably insane. The massive banners that flew, waving in the majestic and always beautiful night sky, with the picture of carrot on a stick being forever chased by a rabbit were burned to the ground. Content is now available to be done by all. Everyone can now see everything. The challenge is being toned down so that no one will ever see something as impossible if they have the time to do it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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