The UK based gaming site has just posted a first look at the WoW expansion. It talks about many of the expansion expected and announced features.

In its native US, where the game was released a good few months before anywhere else, the hugely popular World of Warcraft is fast approaching its one-year anniversary. So it’s with appropriate timing that developer Blizzard has unveiled the initial details of the massively multiplayer RPG’s first expansion pack – The Burning Crusade.

For such a successful game in the genre, the announcement of a commercial add-on is as surprising as waking up to find that you haven’t changed into a female Night Elf after all [What!? – Ed], and it’s with an equal level of astonishment that we learn it will contain new lands, dungeons, items, quests and playable races, as well as offer an increased level cap.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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