My Kingdom for a Guild

Games are more fun with friends, otherwise you may as well play a
single player game, right? Well Blizzard feels the same way. In the
Game Systems panel many new guild advancements are in the works. In an
effort to roll out the info, following is a bullet summary of the major
guild information:

  • Guilds will earn experience
    through boss kills, arena, professions and the new rated battleground
    • Boss kills are credited
      when 75% of the group is from a single guild
  • The current level cap for
    guilds is 20 and each level will provide talent points that can be
    spent on some very nice benefits such as:
    • *Raid-wide buffs becoming
    • *Increase in gold dropped
      from monsters
    • *Simultaneous raid summon -
      bring everyone in with one shot
    • *Talent points can be
  • Guilds earn currency through
    the guild experience gains. Guild currency can be used to purchase:
    • *Mounts, tabards, recipes,
      heirlooms - all tied to the guild preventing people who leave from
      taking the items with them
    • *Reagents that act as
      special recipe bonus items or replacement ingredients taking the place
      of expensive materials..
  • There will be a new "Looking
    for Guild" function
  • Guild Achievements will be
    similar to character achievements.
  • Guild news will be available
    within the Armory.
  • Guild member professions
    will be viewable by all members - no more hunting down "can someone do
    Berserker enchant?"
  • Complete rework of the guild
    UI to help with organization and calendar functions. Will be able to
    invite other guilds.

Many great improvements in the works for guilds. The securing of guild
loyalty has been long in the making. If all of this ships in the final
version of Cataclysm, we can look to much longer guild memberships
instead of the bouncing guildies.

Much more to follow, keep watching. href="">Weigh
in on our forums and share how
this will help or hurt your guild, I'm sure it will help mine!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016