With the Cataclysm Beta getting close to wrapping up it is time to make sure we explore all of the remaining new instances in the game. This involves looking all of the new high level five player instance, and this week we look at Grim Batol. This instance is one stepped in lore as it is the ancient home of the Wildhammer Dwarves and has changed hands several times in it's history. With so much history to explore it makes a great instance for this expansion. Join Byron “Messiah” Mudry as he explores this legendary instance and find out what it's all about.

Shortly after entering Grim Batol, you will come upon 5 trapped red dragonflight dragons.  By defeating their guards and freeing them you set yourself up for the first real part of the instance, a bombing run! This is a truly unique feature of the instance and is very entertaining.

You can read all about it here: Cataclysm Beta: Grim Batol Preview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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