Since Blizzard started discussing the possibility of massive changes to the character stat system coming in Cataclysm way back at Blizzcon players have wondered exactly what was changing and why. While there have been several posts by Blizzard employees talking about some of the changes and what they will mean, Eyonix has posted a new message on the forums that contains a wealth of information. Now that we know a bit more about some of the changes being planned and more about why they are planned, how will they likely effect your gaming experience.

The block value change has been a long time coming, since two block stats confused many beginning tanks anyway. Also when tanks with shields stacked block value for trivial content like instances and heroics they could essentially run the instance without taking any damage other than on bosses. On the flip side on hard hitting raid bosses, a few thousand damage less meant next to nothing compared to higher dodge or parry values. Now that block will always mitigate 30% damage, there really is no need for block value.

Byron "Messiah" Mudry steps in to give the new system a once over in this editorial: Cataclysm Stat Changes In-Depth .

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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