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A Map of Dragonblight

Dragonblight is the next zone in level progression from either of the two starting zones in the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. The two starting zones being the Borean Tundra, or the Howling Fjord. The zone of Dragonblight takes up the whole central southern shore of the continent of Northrend and runs all the way from the Borean Tundra to the west to the thin wedge of the Grizzly Hills before the Howling Fjord on its eastern edge. It is a very large long zone that has a lot going on in it.

Being a large zone, Dragonblight has many different sub-zones in it and features many different geographical areas. The zone is dominated by its large flat ice plains in the centre of it, where dragons come to die. The central plain is littered with the majestic bones of fallen dragons and it makes for an eire scene. In the centre of the plain is the massive Wyrmrest Temple, temple of the dragonflights. However, the zone is bordered by mountains, forests, and the sea, and features many surprises.

Star's Rest

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The Surge Needle

For an Alliance player the first area that you are likely to come to to quest is Star's Rest. This quest hub is a Night Elf area that has many quests located just west of the flight point that is also located there.

The quests initially have you searching for information in the Moonrest Gardens just east of Star's Rest. As you continue completing quests in the area you move further and further west. Eventually the quests lead you to disrupt a meeting between forces in the area and prevent escalation of conflict with the Night Elves.

Also in the area a chain of quests has you explore and eventually disrupt the surge needle that is hovering over the area. The quests provide more information on what it is and why you must stop it. Once you get a chance to teleport onto the needle and find out who is coordinating it, you get sent exploring the area to find out more about where the magical ley lines are being redirected.

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Anub'arak in Azjol'Nerub

You are sent to several places in the quest chain, including the Glittering Strand to the south, and then to the Lothalor Woodlands to the east. In the woodlands you are also tasked with assisting in balancing nature by helping out the ancients located there that are being attacked by mana worms. From there the next ley line point is found a bit more east in Lake Indu'le beside Indu'le village. From there you travel even further east to the Azure Dragonshrine to observe what is happening and then return to Star's Rest. The best way to do that is to go south to the Tuskarr settlement of Moaki Harbour along the coast, grab the flight point and then fly back to Star's Rest.

Before you leave for Wyrmrest Temple you should look just to the north of Star's Rest where you can find the instance Azjol'Nerub. The instance is meant for players level 72-74 and if you are in that range it can be completed very quickly. Even if you are a lower level it can be completed quite easily at 70 or 71 if you are in raid gear. The one exception being casters due to level 74 creatures and the miss mechanics involved with casters.

Once the first two major chains are done at Star's Rest, you get a quest to travel to the Wyrmrest Temple to meet the various dragonflights. Once there a whole series of quests will open up that lead you to become involved with the fight against the blue dragon flight and Malygos.

More to follow in part two.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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