Tier sets in World of Warcraft shows to other players as you walk through a city that you are different from them and their quest or instancing gear. You are a Raider. World of Warcraft has survived for 4 years, has had 2 expansions and continues to grow. As the years progress it often is hard to remember what the first Tier Set once looked like. Looking back at it now is like looking at a relic. Far less detail and very different from the current Tier 9 that is avialable today. In this article Yadiera looks back at the changes in raid armor and with pictures, you begin to notice how as the years go by the artwork put into making Tier Sets continue to improve.

World of Warcraft is reaching its 5 year anniversary. 5 years of leveling, quests, instancing and raids. It has come a long way from its vanilla days and for players who have raided since the Molten Core days, have gone through many different looks of Tier Set pieces. Raids have changed from needing 40 people to just 10 or 25 people. Some Tier Set pieces look good and some look just plain horrible. You see how the detail and colors of the armor have changed over 5 years. Plain and simple colors in the first Tier set to more complex looks, with glows and sometimes random animation in armor with Tier 3 armor and up.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016