Exploring the Outlands Pocket Guide

With the Burning Crusade expansion less than a week away I thought it would be a good idea to pass on some exploration tips for those hearty explorer types that have the need to explore the whole new world as quickly as possible. Many players that I have talked to do not even want to start questing until they have mapped all of the Outlands and have an idea where everything is. While this is an admiral goal, it is a difficult one. For those not in it to find everything right away your lucky, these tips will still come in handy no matter the level you are when you explore an area.

Blocked roads - Don’t be afraid if the path appears blocked by MOBs, sometimes you just have to power through and run as fast as you can. A prime example is the path from the first Outlands zone (Hellfire Peninsula) to Zangarmarsh, it is packed with MOBs. However if you are mounted and just run through you can make it. Several paths between the zones are like this.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016