an epic cut scene displayed for all of us to see, Patch 4.0.3a was
ushered in as Deathwing finally made his grand entrance into the World
of Warcraft. We watched as his coming laid waste to our beloved world
of Azeroth leaving little untouched and forever scarring it. 
However, despite the ravaging of the world Blizzard has left us a little
something to look forward to.

So don’t let the utter destruction taking place all around
you get you down! Players have the option to not only enjoy the
destruction of Azeroth, but at the same time they can also put on some
snazzy pilgrim outfits and feast until they puke, all while being sure to
have a few glasses of their favorite cities special brew in celebration
of WoW’s sixth anniversary. What better way to soften the
blow of the Shattering of Azeroth than to have one giant party on the

I can see many of you are still unsure about what to think of this
package of unusual events. I don’t blame you. The world is
literally hanging on by a thread, and Deathwing and the evil
surrounding him are to blame. Why would Blizzard expect you to want to
celebrate or even worse, give thanks?
But I ask you to consider what we
may have missed while being awed by the destruction of Azeroth.

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Deathwing wants to party
like it's 1999.

Sure Deathwing literally tore the world a new one, but was that really
his intention and even if it was can we really blame him? Everyone
wants to make Deathwing out to be the bad guy, but consider this; if
you were an ancient dragon who had been banished to some elemental
plane for time unknown and the world above decided to thrown not one,
but two epic parties, wouldn’t you be a tad bit miffed you
didn’t get an invite?

I know that I wouldn’t be a very happy camper. Sure I might
not wreck havoc on an entire world, but I’m also not a crazy
lava filled dragon. Perhaps if we had looked a bit closer at
Deathwing’s emergence from Deepholm we would have noticed
that not only was he carrying an abnormally large rat to add to the
Pilgrim’s Bounty feast, but that he had also even donned his
party hat that with the words “Happy Anniversary
WoW” emblazoned on the front.

So maybe you're not buying the “Deathwing just wanted to party
hearty” theory and your still feeling that perhaps the timing
of the Shattering was a little inappropriate. However, I would like to
point out that regardless of Deathwing’s true intentions the
Shattering couldn’t have come at a better time. I
don’t know about you, but personally if I am privy to front
row seats to the end of the world and my own doom is possibly near, the
last thing I want to be doing is cowering in a corner.

Instead I would much rather gorge myself on good food, and get so
intoxicated that even if I manage to get sucked into a chasm of molten
lava I won’t remember a thing. Not to mention that my last
few moments would be spent having one hell of a time.  That is
plenty for me to want to give thanks for.

So despite the conflicting messages sent by the combinations of these
events, or your personal feelings on the matter in the end it is what
it is and you may as well enjoy yourself. As for me, I’ll be
in the Barrens, roasting a suckling pig over one of the newly opened pits
of lava. Feel free to join me, but be sure to BYOB!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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