Announced at Blizzcon 2009, Guild Advancement is one of the most talked
about of the changes coming with Cataclysm. Many are looking forward to
this system which will give rewards to guild’s, while others
are more skeptical. This week Mem takes a look at what we know about
the system so far, and how it may affect the way players play World of

Guild Advancement will
allow guilds to level in the same way characters
do. There will be 20 levels that a guild can progress through, with
experience being gained through guild member participation in various
guild activities. To earn experience in PvP and raids the group must
consist of at least 75% guild members. The in game guild frame will be
redone to allow for management of these changes. An achievements menu
will be added where guild achievements may be viewed.  The in
game Looking for Guild tool will also be revamped and be made to
function more like the Looking for Group tool.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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