Quests generally provide some of the best weapons and armour you are going to find. Quests also provide almost as much experience as actually killing all the mobs to complete the quests, therefore I strongly suggest that you work towards completing quests rather than just killing things.

Most quests are generic to a faction (ie: horde or alliance), however there are several racial quests and class quests so they will be different from other characters that you adventure with. For generic quests I will cover the major ones in each area that you adventure in and cover the zones you should be adventuring in. For those details check out the Where to Adventure section of this guide. Hunters only have one Hunter specific quest at this point in time. We can always hope for more in a future patch though. There are a few quest trees out there though that provide good guns and bows as the final reward, so they are aimed at hunters and will be included here.

Levels 1 - 10 Quests

For the very low levels almost all characters of a set race start with and have access to the same basic quests. This covers the starting areas and all the quests are just to get you familiar with the game.

The very early level quests (level 1-5) are all around your starting point. There are enough to keep you busy for about an hour and level you from 1 through 5. When you first appear in the game you should search out an NPC close to you that has a glowing gold exclamation point (!) over their head. Once you complete the quest, that NPC or some other NPC (in the case of delivery type quests) will have a glowing gold question mark (?) over their head. This makes it easy to tell who to go to too finish your quest. The NPC will also show up on your mini map as a small gold dot, to make them easier to find when finishing a quest.

Pet Quest

As a Hunter, when you reach level 10 you will be given a string of quests to get your pet. Note: you can only obtain your pet quest from your races trainer. Example: Dwaven hunters need to visit a dwarven trainer, and elven hunters need to visit an elven trainer. Your first quest will be to train three different animals and return them to your hunter trainer. Once done all three he will direct you to someone else to provide you with the skills needed to train your pet. Once you have these skills you are ready to have a pet and become a true hunter.

Levels 11-20 Quests

Bow / Gun Quest

In Auberdine in Darkshore you can get a quest to look for a professor. This quest tree will eventually lead you to the wetlands excavation site where one of the quest rewards is a pretty good bow, will need to be in the mid 20's if you are groupless.

Levels 21-30 Quests

Strangle Thorn Vale Hunters Quest

While not hunter specific the "Hunting" quests in Strangle Thorn Vale are aimed at hunters due to the rewards all being leather items and a bow or gun For the low 30's, look for a hunter's camp in northern Strangle Thorn Vale. Enter the area from the north side of the zone and follow the river west at the first bridge. There are three quest trees that must all be completed to be given the final quest. They are: Panther mastery, Tiger Mastery and Raptor Mastery. The final quest "Big Game Hunter", gives you a a very nice bow / gun reward.

Level 50-59 Quests

The Hunters Charm

This quest is the same for both Horde and Alliance
for the alliance it begins with Olmin Burningbeard a Hunter Trainer in
Ironforge for the Horde it begins with Ormak Grimshot in The Valley of Honor
in Orgrimmar once you receive this quest you must travel to Ashzara were you
are instructed to meet Ogtinc a furbolg hunter he resides atop the cliffs of
Azshara, northeast from the Ruins of Eldarath and due South of Ursolan. His
co-ordinates are 42.43 the first part of the quest is

First part:

Courser Antlers -
2 perfect courser antlers

Found off Mosshoof coursers (Elk) East and a little south of Lake Mennar was
a bunch. They're all over the place though Seemed to be about 15% drop rate.
You cannot get into melee with them or they will almost never drop you need
to place a freezing trap and send in your pet to gain aggro and then arrow
them to death.

Second part:

Wavethrashing -
6 wavethrasher scales

These guys are 2 headed dragons spread thin throughout the far northwest
corner. I'd say 35% drop rate on these guys too.

Third part:

The green drake -
Kill Morphaz in Sunken Temple.

He's one of the 2 dragons that fly around
just before Eranikus. Once you're in the instance, go left up the stairs and
find your way to the other side of the arena. You'll be up against sets of 2
51 elite dragonkin 2 50 elite dragonkin and 6 50 non-elites all at once,
bring a mage for the aoe. Druids have a 50% chance of hybernating them.
You've gotta be a hunter so use that Wyvern on the 51's and icetrap another,
it's awesome. My cat and his 4800 armor (with druid buff) tanks one of them
while wyvern gives another nice dreams, then by the time they come out of it
my cat is offtanking him.

After every quest part you have to return to Ogtinc in Ashzara and turn them
in he then gives you the next quest. At the end of the third quest you are given a choice of rewards.

The reward items are:

Hunting Spear
Devilsaur Eye
Devilsaur Tooth

Two-Hand Polearm

111 - 168 Damage Speed 3.10

(45.0 damage per second)

+17 Stamina

Durability 100 / 100

Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.

Equip: Restores 5 mana per 5 sec.

Item Level 52


Use: Increases your attack power by 150 and your chance to hit by 2%. Effect
lasts for 20 sec.

Cooldown: 2 min

Item Level 52


Use: Your pet's next attack is guaranteed to critically strike if that
attack is capable of striking critically.

Cooldown: 2 min

Item Level 52

Level 60 Quests

Epic Bow Quest

At level 60 and once your guild starts to run the Molten Core, you gain access to a quest for an amazing bow. The bow in question is Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers. The bow can also transform into a staff that is very good as well.

Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers
Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers

89-166 Damage

Speed 2.9

44.0 DPS

Classes: Hunter

Use: Transforms into Lok'delar

Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%

Equip: +17 ranged attack power

Two-Handed Staff

187-282 Damage

Speed 3.2

73.3 DPS

+26 Stamina

+15 Intellect

+10 Nature Resistance

Classes: Hunter

Use: Transforms into Rhok'delar

Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 2%

Equip: +45 Attack Power when fighting Demons.

The quest is a long hard chain, but the reward is well worth it.

To start the quest chain you must enter the Molten Core and make your way to Majordomo (the second last boss in the core) and then defeat him. Once you have defeated all his priests, he will submit and you can loot his treasure chest. The Chest will contain the item required to start the quest about 50% of the time, the rest of the time it will contain the item for the Priest epic item quest. The item you need is the Ancient Petrified Leaf. Once you have the leaf you are ready to start the quest chain by talking to Vartrous The Ancient. He can be found in the Irontree woods in Felwood.

Once you talk to Vartrous three spirits will appear and each will give you a quest. The quests are Stave of the Ancients, A Proper String and Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina.

The Stave of the Ancients quest is the first and hardest of the three. To complete this quest you must kill 4 demons scattered throughout the world. The demons are:

Simone the Seductress
Un'Goro Crater
Klinfran the Crazed
Burning Steppes
Solenor the Slayer
Artorius the Doombringer

I have not fought these demons yet so can not provide first hand accounts of the fights. There are several excellent first hand guides available on the net though so here are the links:

The next quest that you must complete is the "A Proper String" quest. To complete this quest you must kill Onyxia and get the Mature Black Dragon Sinew that drops. While no easy task, with a good guild it is not that hard. The two different guilds that I am in can both do Onyxia on the first attempt in less that 40 minutes for the entire encounter.

At this point you can return to Felwood and have your bow created!

The last quest is the "Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina" quest. While it is not for the bow and staff (since you already have it now) it is for a very nice epic 18 slot +15% attack speed quiver to go with your bow. To complete the quest you must find a mature Blue dragon sinew. The sinew drops from two places, one is a 100% drop for the outdoor raid boss Azuregos, the other is from the elite dragons in Winterspring. The drop rate from the Winterspring dragons is very low though so it may take a long time.


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