Here's your chance to be the Keeper of the Lore! & Blizzplanet are running a contest where you can be Chris Metzen for a day... and write your very own Warcraft lore!

You know those stories that seem to contain plotholes or are unfinished? Your job on this contest is to loose your imagination and make the lore yourself to explain those plotholes or unfinished lore. You are Chris Metzen and you write the lore in a way it makes sense to those who read it. For headstart, here are some ideas to understand this contest. For example:

1. The Eredar were tainted by Sargeras in the new Burning Crusade lore. If the Eredar did not taint Sargeras ... what did? There is a plothole. Explain in detail your very own Metzenian-thought lore.

For more ideas and contest information, just follow the link!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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