The War of Three Hammers is a little known war in World of Warcraft history. It's notable because it explains why Ironforge is ran the way it is, why there are multiple clans of Dwarfs around, what the base story was for the original pre-expansion WoW was, and a lot more (including Ragnaros). Ever wondered about these things? Check out our Loremaster's Corner this week and find out.

Well Thaurissan, the leader of the Dark Irons, wasn’t pleased with this at all. He launched an attack against Ironforge and Grim Batol which resulted in a really cool sortie. Fearing that both armies would catch them in a pincer attack, Thaurissan launched forces at both cities. He led the main attack against Ironforge while his wife Modgud went to Grim Batol. Thaurissan was defeated but Modgud had used magic to screw with the Wildhammers. She was defeated by Khardrros Wildhammer and the Dark Irons were pretty much done with.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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