mighty Horde:, bane of Alliance everywhere, and home to most of my
various toons. While the Horde is mostly cast in an unflattering light,
being painted as savage and uncouth, I feel this is grave injustice.
The Horde I know is honorable, brave, strong, and the only place I as a
WoW player have truly felt at home. So it goes without saying that when
I spot machinima dedicated to the Horde I get a bit excited. In fact I
get almost downright giddy at the prospect of seeing the joy of
playing Horde shared in video form.

So it was with high hopes and great expectations that I went into this
machinima viewing, prepared to immerse myself in the celebration of the
Horde. However instead of being wrapped up in Horde pride after the
video I found myself scratching my head thinking what was that?

This machinima entitled “We are the Horde!” was created by Rehab5 while bored, but despite being created in a fit of boredom this still does not excuse in my eyes the poor quality and craftsmanship of this video. Rehab5 has succeeded in providing viewers with almost 3 minutes of almost complete rubbish. While I’m not usually that critical of machinima creations, after watching this video I did truly wish I could go back in time to get those 3 wasted minutes of my life back.

The unimaginative hack job begins right at the start and continues throughout the video as you realize that instead of using a song of his own creation Rehab instead chooses the easy way out and pilfers Crazy Frog’s version of “We are the Champions”. That being said, We Are the Champions, despite not being altered for a more Hordeish feel has the potential to be a perfect backdrop for a good Horde themed machinima with the proper video treatment. But sadly enough, the lack of imagination in this machinima strikes again in the video department.

The video itself is created using images from WoW Model Viewer, a fairly typical way to create WoW machinima. In a video such as this, one would expect to see various Horde characters shouting the lyrics to the song or otherwise glorifying the Horde. This is not the case; instead the video consists of a mishmash of random images from dancing Murlocs to talking dragons. While there are Orcs, Trolls, and Tauren thrown in the mix the video simply makes zero sense and leaves the user feeling like something is missing.

The video feels hastily put together and instead of glorifying the Horde seems to taunt it instead.  Surely this video could have been epic, with some simple in -game battle scenes from PvP and PvE alike thrown in with some stunning Horde characters appearing to sing along. Done this way the video may have done what it was intended to do, give Horde players a feeling of pride. Instead, this machinima ends up being in my personal opinion a complete embarrassment to the Horde.

This video makes baby Orcs cry.
Some of you may be thinking that I am being overly critical of this machinima, especially since I don’t personally have any idea nor ambition to make a machinima of my own. I certainly do give kudos to those who take the time to piece together these works of video art for us to enjoy, I simply cannot praise this video that I feel is like watching a train wreck whereas one doesn’t want to watch, but simply can’t seem to look away.

If I were asked to pick a single good thing from the video, it would be the astonishingly enough, the dancing Murlocs, whose dance never fails to amuse. Although I do think that the Murloc death sequence is much more entertaining (really who doesn’t love to kill some unsuspecting Murlocs?). All in all though this video is probably one of the least likeable videos I have seen in a long while, all thanks to an utter failure in the creativity department. So much for glory to the Horde, at least in this case.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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