Messiah Turns 70!

Ok, Messiah didn't really turn 70, my character Vassago did in the Burning Crusade Beta. The other day in my Blog entry: Continuing Life as a Paladin I stated that my goal was to get to level 70 before Christmas, which I have achieved.

After training and a few buffs I went to check out my +healing (since I was the healer in the group after all). OMG! Over 1,000 +healing! I am aiming for about +1100 within the next few days since none of my gear has any enchantments on it yet. Shouldn't be that hard to do.

Also included are some back to back critical heals, averaging 6k a piece! You may ask if this is really needed. The answer is YES! There are bosses in the level 70 instances that can crit the tank for 6k in a single hit, so healing this much is a requirement now.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016