Alliance Leveling Guide 60-70

Our latest guide is the "Alliance Leveling Guide - 60-70". This guide takes you quest by quest on what we think is the most efficient way to level 70. Look out for frequent updates to this guide. Our first part takes you pretty much half way through level sixty quest by quest! Coordinates are also given to keep you from having to look every... single... quest.. up!

Next up demons need to be slayed. Head to 68,55 or 65,45 and kill a Dreadcaller, 6 Infernal Warbringers, and 4 Flamewalker Imps. This is for "The Path of Anguish" and can be kind of hard since you may get a good deal of enemies on you at one time from spawns and pathing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016