First Look at "Opening the Dark Portal"

Despite promising myself to actually play my shadow priest this week, I got sucked into yet another instance. This time the Opening of the dark portal in the Caverns of Time. Since I visited anyway, I thought I would further expand our First Look series of articles focusing on the Instances in the Burning Crusade

I fell in love with the whole concept of The Caverns of Time last time I visited, and my feelings were just reinforced this time around. Even though I have some issues helping to open the Dark Portal, I can see the logic in a Star Trek, protecting the space time continuum type thought process. The Infinite Dragon flight is up to its tricks again and trying to rearrange history to suit its purpose. This time preventing Medivh from opening the Dark Portal in the first place. As an Alliance player you would think that you want him to fail, however if he did, then the Alliance would never have been formed at all. Also I am sure that the Infinite Dragon flight has far worse planned if they could stop him.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016