The Ruby Sanctum has been breached, a new way to chat has been
introduced, and players may find they are able to uninstall at least
one mod from their overstuffed addon folder. All this and more is
introduced in Patch 3.3.5, the last content patch before the much
anticipated Cataclysm. While most have probably already read the patch
notes, we here at Ten Ton Hammer like to break them down and spit them
out into sometime that is more attuned to the average reader.

All is not lost
though, as a new instance portal has appeared and
heroes in groups of 10 and 25 will have the chance to defeat
the  sinister force threatening the Sanctum. However players
will have ample time to prepare as unfortunately the dungeon will not
immediately be accessible. So while we won’t be able to
charge in with swords drawn right away, we at least know that something
other than killing Arthas for the umpteenth time awaits us.

Join us as we wait for the servers to come back up in:   href=""
Patch 3.3.5 - Patch Overview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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