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The Well of Eternity is the second of three brand new heroic instances being added in Patch 4.3 that deal with the lead up to the Dragon Soul Raid.

In this second instance you travel to the distant past of Azeroth to a time before the sundering. Here you must locate the Dragon Soul so that Thrall can take it to Wyrmrest in the third instance.

This is a cool looking instance that deals with Burning Legion’s first invasion of Azeroth. For players that have read the novel “Well of Eternity” it follows the story line from the book.

As with the other Patch 4.3 Heroic Instances, the loot is amazing for five player content. The items are all item level 378, which is the same as normal more Firelands raid loot. This is great for anyone who does not raid as it gives them some very big upgrades. It also provides a way to get ready to join in the Raid Finder as you can get an almost complete set of gear between this and the two other new 5 player instances.

Now onto the bosses in the instance, they are Peroth’arn, Queen Azshara, Mannoroth and Varo’then.

Peroth’arn - Patch 4.3 Heroic 5 Player Instance: Well of Eternity

Peroth'arn - WoW Patch 4.3 Heroic 5 Man Well of Eternity Boss Peroth'arn

The encounter with Peroth’arn is a two phase encounter with one of the original Satyr demons. In the first phase Peroth’arn attacks his main target with corrupting touch which deals damage and leaves a stacking debuff on the target for 20 seconds that increases damage taken by 10%. He also attacks random targets with Fel Flames or Fel Decay, the first is a ground based damage zone attack, the second deals damage and leaves a DOT and debuff. Any healing done to a player with the debuff causes the healer to suffer 50% of the damage healer.

In the second phase Peroth’arn disappears into the shadows and players must avoid detection for 60 seconds before he re-appears. They can do this by moving away from the eyes that scan the room and by using the shadowcloaks that will be given to them. If detected a player is marked as easy prey, stunned, and attacked viciously. If he does not find a player in 60 seconds Peroth’arn leaves stealth and is enfeebled for 15 seconds taking additional damage. The fight then returns to phase one.

Lastly, at 20% health remaining Peroth’arn will enrage doing 25% more damage. The fight is a lot of fun, especially when you get to mock your friends for failing at avoiding detection. Just DPS’ing him until he is dead and collect your loot.

Queen Azshara - Patch 4.3 Heroic 5 Player Instance: Well of Eternity

Queen Azshara - WoW Patch 4.3 Heroic 5 Man Well of Eternity Boss
Queen Azshara

This fight is not so much with Queen Azshara but with her six servants. When you defeat all six you win the fight. The servants are all casters and have one of three different sets of abilities. The Frost Magi have ice bolts that hit random targets, coldflame that hits everything in a line and remains in play briefly, and a random charge. The Fire Magi have fireballs, firebombs which deal AOE damage and slot targets, and an AOE blast wave that hits everyone around them. Lastly the Holy Magi have an AOE attack around them and a melee attack that deals heavy damage and slows the target.

In addition to the adds, Queen Azshara casts two different spells as well, even though you can not damage her. She can turn a single player into her puppet and control that player. When she does you must break the puppet string that connects that player to her to free them. The second spell she has is total obedience, which will turn all players into her puppet if cast which will end the fight in a wipe. This spell is announced and must be interrupt before completed.

This fight is all about interrupting the total obedience in time each time it is cast, freeing any player controlled, and massive amounts of healing to counter the very random and heavy damage dealt by the adds. Over all though it is a fun if frantic fight, and is pretty easy as long as someone pays attention to interrupting.

Mannoroth and Varo’then - Patch 4.3 Heroic 5 Player Instance: Well of Eternity

Echo of Tyrande - WoW Patch 4.3 Heroic 5 Man Mannoroth and Varo’then Bosses
Mannoroth and Varo’then

This fight is against two bosses at once, however really Varo’then is not much of a boss. For this fight you also have Tyrande and Illidan’s assistance as they fight Mannoroth while you deal with Varo’then at the start of the fight. Illidan grants everyone that is nearby a fire resistance buff that is critical to have to avoid all the fire damage that Mannoroth can put out, so make sure you stay close.

In the first phase you must defeat Varo’then while avoiding Mannoroths AOE damage. This is pretty simple as Varo’then doesn’t have any really nasty abilities. Once he has been killed phase two starts when someone picks up Varo’thens fallen sword and stabs Mannoroth.

At this point you need to get DPS Mannoroth down while also AOE’ing the waves of demons that will pour into the fight though a portal that opens. You do have assistance with this since Illidan stays in the fight dealing with Mannoroth and Tyrande helps on AOE with the daemons. This phase shouldn’t be a huge issue as long as you remember to stay close to keep getting Illidan’s fire resistance buff.

Once Mannoroth is down to 5% health the fight will end with a cool story telling sequence, enjoy the loot.

Messiah's Overall Opinion on WoW Patch 4.3 Well of Eternity Heroic Dungeon

This instance is another great example of what can be done in an instance. I really enjoyed the amount of story that was able to be told in the instance and the pace and flow that was still carried through it while it took place. This is what instances should all be like. I know that the story part will get skipped and be old over time, however when you first play it through it fills you in on so much history, plot, character development and motivation, that it helps bring the game to life.

If I had to complain about one thing, it would be the same as I complained about with the End Time instance. While very nice visually and story wise, these new instances are just way to easy. It feels significantly easier that Zul’aman or Zul’gurub even going in not knowing all the strategies. I hope that Blizzard ramps up the difficulty significantly before release. These are meant to be the hardest 5 player content in the game before the next expansion. There is no way players in the previous tier of 5 man gear should be able to walk in and destroy the instance without wiping and before they know the fights. Groups should wipe several times learning the fights unless they are in raid level gear already.

Maybe just my desire for challenging 5 player content though. Blizzard did it for a while, for example Heroic Deadmines was hard at first before players had access to raid level gear, now however it is a joke difficulty wise. These new instances need to be tuned to the same difficulty that Deadmines was before additional tiers of raid gear were available.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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