They're just on the Test server, so don't get too excited yet

On World of Warcraft's site there's a new set of patch notes for build 3.0.3. It seems to be mostly a set of bug fixes and small tweaks from 3.0.2, but there are a few hidden gems in there. Such as a talent refund for Druids.


* Removed “A Mask for All Occassions” as criteria for the “Hallowed Be thy Name” meta achievement.
* Replenishment: Players below level 50 can now benefit from this effect.


* Blood Fury: No longer triggers global cooldown.
* Shadowmeld: The cooldown will now start on use instead of on break.

This is just a small sample. For the full test patch notes please visit the World of Warcraft official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016