In response to the pitchfork crew that raised their voices in support of the article about players being overgeared and underskilled, Medeor brings the conversation back to center and reminds everyone that many of those who think they are in that 5% strata of "good players" probably aren't. And even if they are, they aren't having fun:

The sad reality for raiders wanting street cred really comes with the nerfing of the game. With the ease in which guilds are blowing through the content, can people still feel a sense of pride for beating the game? Not in its current state, maybe when Icecrown Citadel launches. Heck, I’m more impressed when my merry band of jackhole guildmates can jump on alts and clear instances while chatting on vent about how my wife ninja’d my TV (I’m not bitter). You guys can still stand in Dalaran and act all puffy if you want to though, I’m sure someone will be impressed (is that you Peacock?).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016