Spartan U.I. is an addon developed for World of Warcraft to free up your screen and enhance the game's default GUI. It integrates with Bartender 3, the popular action bar addon, and takes over the bottom portion of your screen so that you can move all of your addons, bars, etc. out of your gameplay area. David "Xerin" Piner has recently spent some time playing with Spartan U.I. and has provided an extensive review of this addon. Should you rush out and download it or place it on your U.I. /ignore list? Read our review to find out.

Spartan UI (SUI) is a mod developed to free up your gameplay area by moving your action bars, unit frames, map, mini menu, and pet bar to the bottom of the screen. It accomplishes this by surrounding these items with custom art. It uses Bartender 3 for its action bars and a version of oUF for the unitframes which all blends into one solid piece that works right out of the box.

Our Spartan U.I. Review gives you the details you need to know on if this is "win" or "fail".

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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