Work on the WoW Trading Card Game continues to progress... take a look at some of the cards that will be featured!

Upperdeck has posted a number of previews showing some of the playing cards that will be used in the game, as well as explanations of how they will work and how the game will play.

When you play a game of the WoW TCG, you take on the role of your hero. This doesn’t mean that if you’re playing Ta’zo you have to speak with a troll accent (although you’re more likely to win if you do). It does mean that your choice of hero affects the style and contents of your deck and provides you with different strategic and tactical options.

Take a look at the Hero card for Ta'zo the Troll Mage! Also, follow the links to have a sneak peek at samples of Weapon, Armor, and Ability cards!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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