In World of Warcraft there always seems something to do, but how can that be in a world of limited possibilities? David "Xerin" Piner explores the inevitable wall players face when there is still content to do but no access to it. He further explores how this creates a cycle that keeps players interested without creating an endless amount of content. You can also come share your opinion on our forums about why you play WoW and what drives you to play past the endgame.

It’s like a building with multiple floors, each floor bigger than the last, with ceilings above that require a certain amount of strength to break through. Everyone is somewhere in the building. The few that find the elevator to the top can enjoy the view for only so long. Afterward, they’re met with another extension that makes them have to work through another ceiling. It’s a never ending cycle with lust as the main fire within everyone’s engines.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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