Last week we covered the top 10 Death Knight names found on PlayerScore, the tool for searching, profiling, and examining World of Warcraft characters. The names were amazing, funny, and sometimes downright sad. So this week we decided to delve into another layer in the PlayerScore casserole of good names by taking a look at Taurens, WoW’s big beefy cows. Sure enough, there is an entire army of names with “cow,” “moo,” and “beef” aligned to these large furry creatures.

So without further amoo, here are this week’s top 10 names found on PlayerScore.

10. Iamadruid: Let’s kick this list off with style, with a fine example of a familiar approach to character naming. “Iamadruid” is a classic name from when only Taurens could be Druids. This was an excellent way to alert everyone that you were, indeed a Druid, instead of something else that can transform into various animals and fly around as a bird. Although my personal favorites are those Taurens who push the envelope and name their Warrior “Iamadruid.” Kudos to you, Mr. Warrior named Iamadruid.

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9. Cowsgomootoo: There are a slew of variations on this one which has me scratching my head. This name lets you know that cows can, indeed, go moo too. I guess some of us were not that sure (I’m looking at you, the Death Knight crew) that cows could go moo too. There are a lot of things that moo in this world, like for instance… cows.

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8. Bigdwarf: This name caught me off guard even though it didn’t even reference a cow, mooing, beef, or bovine. Taurens almost kind of do actually not resemble giant Dwarfs. This Oxymoron, like “jumbo shrimp,” gives me a headache. I mean, if it’s a big dwarf then would it still be considered a dwarf? Maybe it’s a small but big Tauren? This name is way too profound and deep for me.

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7. Facehoof: What do you do when you’re a Tauren and need to face palm? Why, face hoof! Perhaps this name doesn’t even mean to reference face palming… maybe Facehoof is the new social network for Taurens to connect, meet, and play Farmhuts!

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6. Baconator: While not exclusively Tauren, I found a few of our large furry friends with this interesting moniker. Bring on the Baconator with this giant patty of a Tauren! Now, the only question comes, if you have the beef then where does the bacon come from?

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5. Bigdaddymoo/Bigmamamoo: These name combos are rather popular and show that familys stay strong in the Tauren household. There is big daddy moo and big mama moo both tending to the family and raising strong little moos to grow up and call themselves something vaguely cow related.

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4. Darthbovine: “Bigdwarf never told you what happened to your father.” “He told me enough! He told me you turned him into a hamburger.” “No. I am your father.”

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3. Frozenbeef: Death Knights work tirelessly, 24/7, to provide the game with interesting and exciting new names. We’ll save two of the last three spots for them. First, let’s view Frozenbeef. This name follows the traditional Death Knight naming scheme of including at least two individual words that somehow involve one of the Death Knight’s traits. I see it… almost like name perfection. “Beef” as in Tauren and “Frozen” as in Death Knight. Together… it is almost as if it is trying to scream “Tauren Death Knight” in secret unholy language.

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2. Arthascow: I don’t have much to say about this one, other than Death Knights are sometimes the most creative people out there. It’s always good when a #1 from a previous list can find its way to a #2 spot on an entirely different list. Go team Death Knight!

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1. Holycow: Last, but not least, let’s pay homage to all of the new Tauren Paladins and their wild, zany, and crazy names for themselves. Holycow, you are the forerunner and represent the true purity of mixing a race and class together to form a name.

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Well that’s this week’s top 10 list featuring names we’ve found on PlayerScore. Join us next week as we find more interesting facts, statistics, or just crazy things to form into a list for your entertainment.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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