Topic of the week: Is the Expansion Worth It?

The Topic of the Week for this week takes a good look at if the expansion was worth it, both in price and time. Maegwynn starts things off with a very interesting and thought provoking look at if the expansion is truly worth it. Afterwards, it's up to you to vote and tell your thoughts on this issue!

The roar of oohs and ahs could be heard throughout Hellfire Peninsula as the Uber gear started to drop and the quest rewards were handed out. Guild chats were full of loot links and exclamations of "OMG look what just dropped" as the poor "have-nots" squirmed in their chairs wishing they had pre-ordered TBC. Our log books were soon filled to the max with new quests including hopping on armored griffins to go on repeatable bombing runs.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016