ArkInventory claims to be able to make your inventory management easy
as pie, while allowing for  a bit of quick player
customization. Will this bag and inventory mod hold up to
it’s claims, or will it fall into oblivion like so many other
World of Warcraft mods? Join Mem this week as he tries out this mod to
find out the answer!

My bags and my bank
are always in a state of utter disaster. You may
think I’m exaggerating but I’m pretty sure that a
state of emergency could be declared on my inventory. I am constantly
in a frenzy trying to find items that I know are in my bags or bank and
seem to have vanished into some void.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

About The Author

Amunet, also fondly known as Memtron, is an organic life form best known for its ongoing obsession with Blizzard Entertainment's numerous properties. To that end, Amu has authored hundreds (thousands?) of the most popular World of Warcraft guides, editorials, and Top 10 lists on the planet. When not gaming and writing, Amu is busy chasing after her three children in a perpetual loop of ongoing disaster.