whispers was something that I feared was an unsolvable problem
for most of my WoW career. Being an officer in most of the guilds I
have ever been a part of meant that not only was I missing whispers
from my friends, but also whispers from potential recruits. I missed
tells during the day as I left my game up while I took frequent AFKs to
deal with real life. Then at night I missed tells during raids as I
engaged in epic battles against raid bosses with my guild.  

After my daughter was born things progressively went downhill as she
thought it was the height of cool to continuously jump my character,
never allowing me to log off, and never allowing for my AFK tag to come
up. This led to several lengthy conversations with people as to why I
was “ignoring” them later in the day. I
couldn’t help but think as I pondered how many people thought
of me as a jerk for not answering them that there had to be a better

I was recommended WoW Instant Messenger (WIM) by a friend, and decided
to give it a try in the hopes of solving my whisper missing woes.

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Instant Messenger (WIM)

Chat and Communication

Pazza (Project Manager), Sylvanaar, 01satkins

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WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) is a small easy to install mod developed to
better manage your whispers by giving them a classic instant messenger
interface (think AIM, Yahoo, or MSN).  To install this mod
simply download it from your favorite mod site (or the WIM homepage)
and plop it in your Interface folder. WIM is one of those mods that you
can use from the get go, with very little work needed on your part.

installed WIM will attach a small chat
bubble looking icon to your
mini map or will also appear on Fubar if you have it
installed.  WIM will automatically begin intercepting your
whispers and they will no longer appear in your chat log. Instead your
whispers will now pop up on your screen in the form of
individual chat boxes. WIM does come with an in- game tutorial that is
automatically turned on upon install which can be very helpful for new
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A noise will be played each time a whisper is received and if you close
the chat box it will minimize and can be accessed
again by clicking on
the chat bubble on your mini map. Every conversation you have will be
stored here until it is closed (do this by clicking the x while the
conversation is minimized), or until you log off.

WIM also provides a history function which is turned on by default.
When active this ability will save any conversations you have, even if
you log off. This is useful if you accidentally close conversations,
get logged out due to AFK, or simply would like to refer back to
conversations later. You can even export your history directly from the
WIM History Viewer by changing the view mode to either raw text or
HTML. From that window you can then copy your history and paste it
pretty much anywhere you want.

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WIM also allows for the use of emoticons. While not an overly useful
function I thought it was rather nice to see an actual smiley face
instead of just : ) . A full list of emoticons is not currently
available, and as such you will have to play around to discover them.
There are plans to implement an additional drop down menu to WIM that
will allow you to see all the emoticons available and access them from

I found that I personally didn’t like the way my WIM looked
freshly installed, so I busied myself with the task of discovering how
to personalize the mod. This part made me a little nervous since there
are plenty of mods out there that are fairly difficult to customize. I
was pleasantly surprised when I opened the WIM options menu, as it was
straight forward, easy to use, and well laid out.

Once you have the menu open (/WIM) you will be able to customize WIM in
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imaginable. The size and scale of the
windows can be
changed with a simple movement of a slider. You can also choose from
various skins to make the color of your window more appealing. WIM
provides you with four choices of fonts, allows you to change the size
of the font, and will allow you to make those fonts any color of the

You are also able to dictate how you want your whispers to look, and
how you want them grouped once they are minimized. And for those
worried about messages popping up in the middle of your screen during
an important boss fight, or during some intense PvP, worry no more. WIM
has an option that will hide your windows once you enter combat, the
windows will then be redisplayed once combat is ended. You can even
choose to delay this action if you are in the process of typing a

The Whispers menu allows
you to turn on and off and manage your history. You can also manage the
sounds WIM plays here, and choose if you would like more chats (Guild,
Officer, Raid, etc) to be managed by WIM. I personally only use WIM for
my whispers, all other chats I rely on my chat log for.

The Chat menu is the final menu available. Here you can turn on
WIM-2-WIM which allows users with WIM to interact in ways that normal
whispering cannot (for example the use of emoticons). There is also a
privacy menu here that will allow you to decide what data you would
like to be shared. WIM can let others know when you are typing, your
location, and even your talent spec if you so choose.

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After using WIM for an extended period of time, I will admit that I am
in love with it. The mod itself does everything I wanted it to do and
the developers have continuously found ways to improve upon the mod. I
cannot imagine being forced to go back to using my normal chat log for
my whispers. I love knowing that I will never again miss a conversation.

Overall I have nothing negative to say about the mod. It does what it
is supposed to do, is easy to use, easy to configure, and appears to be
useable with most other add ons. It truly made my WoW experience
better. The only downfall I can possibly see would be letting your
history build up, this may slow down your game slightly. However WIM
does offer a feature that will only allow so many messages saved per
person, and another that automatically deletes your history, so I
can’t see this becoming a real problem.  This mod
without a doubt earns Mem’s seal of approval.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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