Mages, Rogues and Paladins Updated!

The team over at WoW Ten Ton Hammer have been working hard to bring you the latest information on the upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusades. Today, they bring you three updated class guides that include the spells that will be added with the expansion. Not only that, but they have also added hints and comments onhow this will effect each class! Keep reading to learn more...

The Paladin

**Added since last update**

* Added Burning Crusade spell preview information to 5.0 - Paladin Spell / Talent Lists
* Added Tier 3 Epic Armor set information
* Added addition links to general information
* Updated Talent Builds
* Added links to all quest information
* Gave the guide a major overhaul of information! New talent builds!
* Added Tier 0.5 Armor set information

The Mage

* Burning crusade spell previews added to 5.0 - Spells, Talents and Talent Builds
* Patch 1.11 Talent Builds
* Leveling Builds
* Spell Efficiency Table
* Split section 6
* Updated Spell and Talent information
* Updated item and set information
* Updated Macros Section
* Added Polymorph pull section

The Rogue

* Added Burning Crusade ability previews to 5.0 Abilities and Talents
* Added Tier 0.5 Armor set information
* Updated Armor listings in Equipment Chapter
* Updated Quests in Quest Chapter
* Updated Tactics and UI Chapter

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016