Warlock Basics Updated

Our guide Warlock basics has been updated with all kinds of new and helpful information. Things such what professions are right for you, what are the best races, how Warlock pets work, just what are Soul Shards, and so much more! Look for more updates on the Warlock class guide and others coming soon!

"Soul Shards are created whenever an enemy dies under the influence of "Drain Soul" (no matter the rank of Drain Soul and only if the enemy is worth experience or honor). These Soul Shards are then used by other spells as reagents for their casting. For instance, summoning a Succubus requires a Soul Shard. These can be collected and saved (they last even when logged off, even though the various stones (like the Health Stone) do not) so it's always good to have a few on hand."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016