Some people are just fed up.

We here at Ten Ton Hammer have had a bit of fun covering the World of Warcraft Zombie Plague in the last few days. But some players have decided that they've had just enough of it already. Citing a system that disrupts normal play without warning and a system where even same-faction players can grief lowbies with ease, they just want it done with.

However, looking deeper into the matter, it is important to note the various conditions that morph the event into one of the most poorly designed experiences WoW has ever offered. These conditions are as follows:

1. The argent healers are only stationed in major cities at important hubs: banks, auction houses, flight points, and entrances to various areas. They are not stationed in most towns outside of the capital cities.
2. Guards in most lowbie towns are too low in level to even put a dent in the high level player zombies. At best, they can daze the zombie and prevent them from reaching a lowbie that has managed to mount up and run away.
3. Lowbie players cannot themselves put a dent in the player zombies that are much higher in level than them, due to the level difference.

Compound these conditions with the risk of putting so much power into the players’ hands and you have an absolutely, positively frustrating experience for many.

Ahh, but Blizzard is asking for those who are unhappy not to lose heart. They recognize there are flaws in the event, but promise that it won't be around forever.

We do appreciate the feedback; if threads are being deleted, it's because the moderators are trying to keep things consolidated and constructive, not because they seek to stifle dissenters.

As I have stated, if this was planned to last any longer than it is, we would have been a great deal more leery of the wide-reaching effects of the plague. This has been anticipated; I respect the concept that some people dislike it and we'll certainly take that into account, but this was an event meant to impact players in all walks of life and routines. I am in no way stating it was perfect, and should we do something like this again the feedback both for and against will be taken into account when changes are made, particularly pertaining to lower level players. This event absolutely was meant to shake up the status quo of the average WoW day, and in that it's been successful.

It will still continue as planned, but for those of you less than fond of the plague, you don't have much longer to wait.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016