The PvP game in World of Warcraft has been ever-changing, from the honor grinds of old, to the honor points per week, to honor points per day, to the introduction of the Arenas in TBC, PvP has always been a central part of World of Warcraft. There have been a lot of changes announced for the PvP endgame at level 80, and as of a few days ago, beta testers were allowed into the level 80 realm, along with fully-equipped "Season 1" level 80 gear!

Stats & Damage


The Rogue class has received several changes throughout the last few days, and yet Blizzard has stated they're not done yet, as far as Talents go. From Shadow Dance that will allow Rogues to use their cloaked abilities without being cloaked for 10 seconds to their other finishers being bumped in damage. However, it also received a massive upgrade when it came to stats for their PvP set!

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747 Resilience? You bet!

As you can see from the screenshots presented, the Rogue weapons are a whopping 170DPS in 1 Hand! ontop of that, there's lots of the usual stats and such added such as crit chance. However, that's not all, a quick glance at the status screen shows the PvP set adds 1200+ stamina!

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Nice attack power, also shown are Heavy Frostweave Bandages.

Resilience keeps on being an important stat in the expansion, and we can see that clearly in our second screenshot, a nice 747 resilience rating, who said 400 was a cap? With this kind of power, the Rogue class has 17,000 HP pre-talents and buffs to play with, making him quite deadly. Will the upgraded weaponry make killing others faster, or will they suffer from the "Too much HP to kill" problem? This will be covered in our next updates when the PvP areas are better implemented in the current beta.

Damage output for the Rogue was 729-886 with 2474 Attack Power without Talents factored in, a great base that will get better when Talents are expended for future updates.

Death Knight

The Death Knight's new stats and items were expected yet still a sight to behold at level 80. In full PvP gear, Pre-Talents, the Death Knight was 100 HP short of 21,000 HP! This collosal amount of HP means the Death Knight will surely be able to sow a lot of destruction in the battlefield, as he also wears plate and has a lot of special abilities no other classes have at his disposition.

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Death Knight's Death Coil Relic.

The first thing to note is the Relic the Death Knight had on him, named the PvP relic, this item increased the amount of damage the Death Coil ability does by 406! This ability is already powerful enough, further adding damage onto it will make it a good spell to keep in rotation, as it can both heal your minions and deal damage to your enemies.

Damage output for the Melee swings the Death Knight would do were 1226 to 1508, as seen in our screenshot, and the raw attack power without talents was up to 2254! This is already way more powerful than anything we've seen in the Burning Crusade. With 13k armor and 1.5k stamina to boot, Death Knights will be able to take a beating even with the new spells out there and deal out enough diseases to kill or hinder their enemies as they come.

Gems & Bandages

The current standardized new gemstone for the Armor items is the Steady Forest Emerald. Replacing the Steady Talasite that did +4 Resilience and +6 Stamina, the new Forest Emerald does 8 Resilience and 12 Stamina, further complimenting the bigger numbers seen in the beta past level 70.

As for Bandages, as seen in the Rogue screenshots, Heavy Frostweave Bandages will heal 5800 over 8 seconds, quite a leap from our Netherweave bandages, however, with everyone exceeding 15,000 HP for sure if in PvP gear, this might not be enough sometimes.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016