We got this question in our forums today. I took a look at it and thought to myself "Awen, Why DON'T you get more discussions on your forums?" I think I have an answer for you Cryshal. However, be patient because it like myself is full of conjecture and very long winded.

In today's internet, anonymity is key. People don't like putting themselves out there to possible attacks on their unknown character. They prefer to remain faceless in the er.. face of adversity. When I stand up and loudly shout EverQuest 2 SUCKS! (I don't really think it sucks I'm just using example here) I would expect someone to say something in its defense. I would settle even for a "No. YOU suck!"

However, as society has advanced, so has the inability to discuss intelligently in such free atmospheres as the forums. It's oftimes you will see conversations that start out as highly debatable and interesting turn into nothing more than flame wars. Because of this I feel that the typical gamer would rather just stay out of the fray entirely.

I myself would enjoy seeing a good debate or two here because as you all know, we don't stand on ceremony. What's the phrase about calling a shovel a shovel? We don't mince words. We look at the subject and in no uncertain terms tell you how we feel about it. *cough* SWG sucks now *cough*

So in conclusion, my feelings certainly won't be hurt if someone happens to disagree with my exhaulted opinions. I may even find myself thinking.. "Awen, you may be wrong *gasp*" So please, feel free to state your uneducated opinions here. We certainly do.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016