World of Warcraft your
abilities and talents help to define your class. Some are lackluster
and unimpressive, while others get the job done, but sometimes Blizzard
really hit’s the mark and we find some WoW talents and
abilities that are beyond awesome. So awesome that watching them in
action and using them in battle truly never gets old. Favorite WoW
talents and abilities will likely vary greatly from player to player,
so check out my top
5 in the list below and see if they match up with
some of your personal favorites.

Mem’s Top 5 WoW
Talents and Abilities

Shadowy Apparition
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A Shadow Priest's Shadowy Apparitions in action.

Is Shadow Form ok? NO! Those
from the well known MC Raiders video goes to show that in the not
so distant past Shadow Priests were
unheard of on the raiding scene.
However, now they are in high demand and can produce some of the
ranged DPS out there. Helping along the way with that
amazing DPS is some very cool abilities, one of my personal favorites
being Shadowy Apparition. Shadowy Apparition procs from Shadow Word:
Pain damage and summons one (or more depending on the points the Priest
has in the talent) shadow version of the Priest which moves slowly
towards a target which is afflicted with Shadow Word: Pain, once it
connects with the target this shadow deals a burst of Shadow damage.
Perhaps not as showy as some of the other WoW talents out there, but
there is something both intimidating and otherworldly about an army of
Shadow Priests descending upon a boss or enemy player. Next time you
have the pleasure of having a Shadow Priest in your raid take a few
seconds to check out this WoW talent in action and witness firsthand
this epic WoW ability in action.


While Shaman are probably my
least favorite class to play next to the Warrior (sorry Warriors), they
still have some amazing talents. While it may seem somewhat
cliché and perhaps a little uninteresting to some, my
favorite WoW Shaman talent is and has always been Bloodlust or Heroism
if you happen to play on the side of the Alliance. When used this WoW
ability increases melee, ranged, and spell casting speed by 30% for all
party and raid members for 40 seconds. Combine this with the lore
behind this spell, the fact that when under its effects every single
player appears to grow in stature and the awesome noise that goes along
with it, and you have yourself one badass WoW talent to say the least.
I feel Bloodlust/Heroism without a doubt deserve this spot on the list.

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Fear the Warlock's Doomguard.

I just have a
fascination for all beings that will
help me defeat my foes (see
Shadowy Apparition above) but in my eyes there is virtually nothing
cooler than a very large red demon with ginormous wings that will
attack your foes, as long as you have the appropriate spells upon said
enemy that is. Such is the Warlock WoW talent Summon Doomguard. When
used this talent summons a Doomguard to fight beside the Warlock for up
to 45 seconds and will attack targets that are afflicted by the
Warlocks Bane of Doom or Bane of Agony. That’s right. Giant
demon bent on destroying your foes, what more could you ask for? The
only thing that could make this WoW ability even more amazing than it
already is a come back of the days when
a random party member would be
slaughtered whilst summoning this fearsome demon.

Moonkin Form

Giant. DPSing. Dancing.
Chicken. Need I really say more? Moonkin form is probably the best
Druid WoW talent out there. This WoW abilitiy allows the Druid to turn
into a Moonkin, increasing Arcane and Nature spell damage and reducing
damage taken as well as increasing spell haste of all party and raid
members. So pretty much, not only do you turn into a giant doom
chicken, but you can also push out some mega DPS, increase the DPS of
your party members AND participate in one of the best dances World of
Warcraft has ever seen almost simultaneously making this one of the
best talents in the game. If you cannot see the beauty of the Moonkin,
then I may just have to call your sanity into question.

Fan of Knives
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of Knives, a Rogue's deadly AoE.

If you’ve never
watched a Rogue use Fan of Knives on a group of unsuspecting mobs then
you are missing out. When cast this WoW ability allows the Rogue to
whirl around and release a spray of deadly throwing knives at all
targets within 8 yards causing 80% of weapon damage. While there are
many AoE abilities in game, this is by far my personal favorite because
lets face it…knives are way cool. Not sure this talent
belongs here? Then remember, this WoW ability is the sole reason we now
can say “FoKing” Rogues (or other fun variations)
without causing

Hammer of Justice

The Paladin’s
of Justice is iconic, almost like the mole was to Marilyn, a Paladin
wouldn’t be a Paladin without Hammer of Justice. When using
the Hammer of Justice spell players will find that a giant hammer of
DOOM appears out of the sky and smashes down on an unsuspecting player
target leaving them stunned and unable to do anything for up to 6
seconds. Made famous by the use of bubble hearth after using this
spell, this WoW ability is literally the stuff legends are made of and
deserves some recognition. This WoW ability is still every
PvPer’s worst nightmare and still is as awesome today as it
was when we first experienced it all those years ago.

How do these talents and
abilities stack up against your own personal list? Be sure to share
your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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