In an effort to continue bringing you continuing information on the features available in Zu Online, the developers have now begun to release information on the Fighting Series of spells available in the game. The Moonmaiden has been described as an elegant and cold woman. As part of the Fighting Series, Ten Ton Hammer brings you a press release describing a little about the spells available for these femme fatales, as well as some new screenshots! Want to know more about this class? Check out the Flying Features Screenshots available right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Zu Online: Fighting Series---- Moonmaiden

Do you wish to build a Moonmaiden that everyone fears and respects? I would like to share some information about the lethal ladies of Zu ( with you. Moonmaidens specialize in placing traps and casting brilliant magical spells. Now let me talk about their spells in detail. Hopefully this will help you out.

Melee Spells

Crescent Strike and Caritive Moon Strike

Caritive Moon Strike can be learnt at level 70 when Crescent Strike can be upgraded to rank 7 and is more powerful than the new Caritive Moon Strike spell. But as the player's character level goes up, Caritive Moon Strike will certainly replace Crescent Strike as the magical attack of choice.

Ranged Single Target Spells

Moon Chasing and Double Flying Moon

The range of their ranged single target spells is increased slightly when the spell is upgraded. But they have a 33% chance to be interrupted while casting and they deal less damage than melee spells of the same rank. So they had better use their melee spells more often than their ranged single target spells…

Area of Effect Spells

The area of effect spells they cast looks brilliant and flowery while casting. The range of their area of effect spells is also longer than their melee spells but shorter than their ranged single target spells. These AOE spells also deal high damage. By using the area of effect spells, Fire Trap and Curse of Poisonous Vine properly, they can defeat several level appropriate monsters at the same time easily.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016