Frak the Hard Six! A Battlestar Galactica Online Review

Game:Battlestar Galactica Online
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Multiplayer - 77 / 100

Like all MMORPGs, the game is best when played multiplayer. While you can play solo, you can find yourself getting destroyed again and again by enemy players who are working together as a team. Going for the big resources requires you to use a mining ship, and you will need friends to help fend off the opposing faction and defend your mining ship. Also, in big fleet actions, you will want other players to be watching your back, especially against the larger ships if you’re a lighter class. However, other than fighting alongside other players, you won’t have any other interaction with them. There’s no trading in the game, and the bases are solo instances.

Value - 60 / 100

While the game is free-to-play, there is a hidden cost. There are two basic currencies in BSGO: cubits and tylium. Tylium is your basic in-game currency and also acts as your ship fuel. Most ship systems (for light class) cost from 5,000 to 10,000 tylium and the costs are even higher for the heavier class components. You can buy additional ships, and the costs range from 75,000 tylium to 2,000,000 tylium. You can gain tylium through salvage, resource gathering, completing missions, or you can buy it with cubits at the rate of .1 cubit per tylium.

battlestar galactica online
This is as crowded as it's ever going to get on a base.

Cubits are used to purchase equipment and upgrades (you have to pay tylium too), and a few special ships require cubits to purchase (60,000 for the medium and 175,000 for the heavy). You can gain cubits through loot, by completing missions, and by spending real money. If you do every single daily mission, you can gain 1400 cubits in a day. To purchase enough tylium for a medium ship (600,000), you’ll have to have 60,000 cubits.

You can also spend cubits for free xp. That’s right…if you don’t want to wait and grind out those levels, you can buy xp for cubits. You can also buy better types of ammo and upgrade your current ship to a better version by spending cubits. The basic cost for cubits is $2.99 for 5000 cubits, up to $99.99 for 350,000 cubits.

As you can see, it will take you quite a while to save up for that special ship. The bigger problem is that it makes an unfair playing field. If somebody is willing to pay for it, they can go to town, spending cubits on better ammo, higher upgrades to equipment, an upgraded version of a starship, and so on. If you wanted to, you could log into the game for the first time, buy a ton of cubits, and buy yourself to level 20 and purchase the best starships with the best equipment. You can even level up your skills faster by buying time deductions for learning a skill.

While the game is free-to-play, unless you’re willing to grind out the cubits by doing the daily missions, you will be at a disadvantage against somebody who opens their wallet.

Lasting Appeal - 55 / 100

I don’t see a great deal of lasting appeal in BSGO. It’s something that I’ll come back from time to time to play, but that’ll be just for the space combat. Staying with the game for the long haul and developing a character isn’t something I can see doing. While there are skills you can pick up, it’s only for minute increases in ship performance. Once I have my fix of starfighter dogfighting, I won’t be sticking around long.

battlestar galactica online
Firing on a Colonist ship filled with whiny humans.

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing Space Combat
  • Great space graphics
  • Cool combat soundtrack
  • Past the initial dogfighting rush, the game quickly becomes extremely grindy.
  • No real PvE content.
  • Not a level playing field in that spending money can allow players to leapfrog up to the best ships
  • No Auction House


Battlestar Galactica Online is a great starship combat game, and that is all it is. There’s a very solid foundation for a better game here, and hopefully Bigpoint will expand upon the game by adding PvE, more interaction between players, and even some scenarios to add some variety to the mix. The resource gathering mechanic is extremely tedious and dull. Plus, there is the fact that while I’m flying around in my light raider, some snot-nosed kid with daddy’s credit card can zoom in with his heavy line ship bristling with weapons and ten times my armor and just blow me away. It’s a fun space combat game that I can see going back to from time to time to get some great fighting in, but then leaving just as quickly after I get my fix.

Overall 65/100 - Average


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