SOE Shutting Down Bullet Run on March 8th

Less than a year out from launch, SOE and Acony Games have announced the sunsetting of the online shooter, Bullet Run.

ItÂ’s official, SOE and Acony Games are sunsetting their free-to-play reality TV shooter, Bullet Run. SOE launched the game on July 31st, 2012, a mere six months ago. While there have certainly been shorter lived online games like the disaster that was the original launch of APB, APB was at least given a proper reboot as APB: Reloaded. ItÂ’s unclear if such a reboot may be in Bullet RunÂ’s future, but Acony Games will retain the game code for the shooter, so if they choose to bring it back later, itÂ’s certainly possible. But for now the game will officially shutter its servers next month.

SOE posted the news on the Bullet Run website, where it was announced that all membership billing for the title ceased on February 1st, and platinum membership players will receive a prorated refund for their remaining time. In the meantime, players can continue to play Bullet Run until the reality TV shooter ceases operation on May 8th, 2013. A FAQ is available with additional information.

ItÂ’s always sad to see an online gaming community displaced by the closure of a game, but if we could just figure out a way to make reality television in general join it in the abyss then it at least wouldnÂ’t be a total loss.

Source: Bullet Run Closure Announcement

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