Undead Labs Talks Class3 and the Creative Ways You're Going to Die

By Stacy Jones -

If there is one thing that Undead Labs is adamant about when it comes to Class3, itÂ’s that you will be dying a lot, and in many creative ways. In a new post to the Undead Labs website, Creative Director James Phinney explains that the zombie apocalypse doesnÂ’t wait for you to customize your character, and that youÂ’ll be fighting from survival from the start.

While you may not get to choose your character's look at the start of Class3, you will be able to recruit other survivors, and after earning their trust, you can play as them. And youÂ’ll need to, because if Phinney has made one thing clear in his post, itÂ’s the many creative ways that youÂ’ll meet your untimely demise in Class3.

The zombies are relentless, and any mistake can be fatal. Odds are, you will die many times and in many ways. Bitten, bloodied, torn in half. Taking a turn too fast in some dead lawyerÂ’s sports car. Sickened, poisoned, heaving and shuddering at the end. Charred and broken, victim of your own ill-timed firebomb. Weak from hunger, struggling to get away, but failing to find the energy to break free. YouÂ’re going to die as Marcus, despite his determination and strength. YouÂ’re going to die as Maya, despite her military training and keen eye. YouÂ’re going to die as Ed, despite his speed and stealthiness. And once dead, they wonÂ’t come back.

Phinney also stresses the importance of saving people if theyÂ’re in danger as Class3 moves forward in real time, even when youÂ’re not playing all be it at a slower pace, so if you ignore a person in need, thereÂ’s a good chance theyÂ’ll become zombie chow.

The other big thing to understand is that Class3 moves forward in real time. All the time. This means that people who seem to be in danger actually are. They wonÂ’t survive forever. Leave them alone while you stock up on ammo or choose to help some other group, and you may return to find nothing but zombies and the tattered remnants of their survival gear. At times youÂ’ll have to decide between helping out a friend who is under attack or hurrying home to make sure everyone else survives the latest zombie assault.

Read PhinneyÂ’s full post to get a glimpse at life in Class3's zombie apocalypse.

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