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Champions Online: Crisis in Canada Survival Guide

Posted Thu, Aug 06, 2009 by Sardu

“The northern winds are angry and carry with them the stench of death. Restless souls are stirring and icy apparitions roam the forests outside of Force Station Steelhead. There is a malevolent force at work there. I must return soon to fight for all living beings in the area may fall prey to it.

I would not willingly fight this evil alone. Will you travel north with me and set these spirits to rest? “

- Ravenspeaker

You’ve saved Millennium City from the Qulaar invasion, not only earning the eternal respect of the Champions, but the key to the city from Mayer Bissell himself. No sooner have you begun to celebrate your victory amidst a crowd of cheering onlookers than your attention is diverted by two Champions greatly in need of your assistance; Witchcraft and Ravenspeaker. The latter urgently requests that you aid him with the current crisis in Canada before Force Station Steelhead is lost to the legions of ice demons wreaking havoc in the nearby forests.

Think of the crisis zones in Champions Online as a cool story arc spanning a few issues of your favorite comic series, only instead of watching the action unfold with each turn of the page, you get to be part of the action and play the hero. This guide will provide a complete walkthrough of the Crisis in Canada, so snap on your show shoes and grab your best zombie-whacking stick.

Before diving headlong into the nitty gritty details on what makes this particular crisis zone tick, here are a few basic tips that should prove useful in your mission to rid the Canadian wilderness of demons and put a stop to the unnatural storms plaguing the area:
  • You have the option to travel between the Crisis in Canada and Desert Disaster at will, though you can only complete one of the two zones’ final boss missions to complete the mission arc.

  • While you’re not required to select a crafting profession to complete the crisis zone, the result of the quests listed below will be a Coldshield device that will be extremely handy once you reach the final boss confrontation at the end of the mission arc.

  • Zombies are a bit trickier than your average henchmen; they like to get back up and keep on fighting. When their health drops to zero, watch for them to fall and then immediately start attacking again to prevent their health bar from refilling completely.

  • Ice Shamans typically roam throughout the zone. As Master Villains, their charged attacks can be devastating, so be sure to block as soon as you notice the ‘tell’ appear above their heads.

  • To receive full credit for the Raiders on the Storm Perk, you’ll need to see Justicar back at Force Station Steelhead once Rakshasa has been defeated. This will also grant you credit towards the Shadow of the Destroyer Perk, which spans multiple mission arcs and lore discoveries, but nets you a cool 100 points upon completion.

  • Crisis in Canada

  • Blight of the Living Dead is an Open Mission unique to the Crisis in Canada zone, and can be a lot of fun for all you zombie slayers out there. Even if you ultimately opt to run through the Desert Disaster instead, you can still hop onboard a helicopter at Project Greenskin to get into some undead fun once you arrive at Force Station Steelhead.

  • Each mission listed below will have the mission level in brackets for easy reference.

  • While the entire crisis zone can be completed solo, grouping can increase the challenge (and potential rewards) thanks to the Reinforcements system. This holds especially true for the final confrontation with Rakshasa, which becomes a much more challenging (and fun) mission should you opt to go into the Forest Tomb with a few friends.


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