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Champions Online: Millennium City Tutorial Guide

Updated Thu, Dec 17, 2009 by JoBildo

Millennium City, the sprawling and shining metropolis of Champions Online, is under direct attack from the Qulaar: an alien race whose motives remain unclear to even the Champions themselves.  The call goes out to all able-bodied heroes to lend a hand in helping to repel the onslaught and clean up the mess the Qulaar are making.   


This is the Tutorial instance of Champions Online.  It’s where you’ll learn the basic structure of quests, combat, items, Open Missions, and even private instances.  But before we dive into the quest details, here are a few helpful notes to get you on your way in the alien-ravaged city: 

  • The Millennium City tutorial is limited to just 25 players per instance of the map.  This is due to the relatively small size of the zone, and should not be taken as indicative of the entire game’s scope.  You’ll see many more people and much larger areas once you’ve defeated the Tutorial and first Crisis Zones (Desert and Canada).
  • There are a couple of optional quests in the tutorial that will give you some nice XP, and decent low level rewards.  Nothing in the tutorial is really enough to be afraid of, so if you see an exclamation point on your map, you’re probably better off checking it out.
  • Objects all over the game world can be picked up and used as weapons by your hero.  Some are too big except for those heroes who have super-strength, but every hero can pick up and toss debris, boxes, and the like.  Be sure to use these to your advantage as some enemies will fly just out of reach of melee attacks in the tutorial zone. 
  • Your first run-in with the Open Missions system happens near the end of the tutorial.  Grouping is not required, but as you’ll see there’s no need.  You’re all after the same thing (helping a hero named Ironclad), and the quest will complete for all of you in the area if you succeed. 

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