The End of an Era: City of Heroes Shuts Down Today

Join City of Heroes fans tonight for the final Unity Rally as the lights of Paragon City go out for the final time.

ItÂ’s been a long run for City of Heroes (CoH). The first superhero-based MMOG broke onto the scene back in 2004, allowing players to create and take on the persona of their own personal heroes and later do the same as villains with the City of Villains expansion. But just under 9 years later, CoH will officially be sunset after NCsoftÂ’s decision to pull the plug on the game earlier this year.

The decision to shut down CoH served as a call to arms for thousands of players to try and save the MMOG. After staging in-game rallies, carrying out a writing campaign, a petition that gained over 21,000 signatures from fans and the Save CoH movement, and even a last ditch long shot Disney plan, the deadline has been reached and CoH will officially be sunset tonight at 11:59pm PT.

CoH players will be holding one final Unity Rally tonight on every server tonight to say goodbye as the twilight hours loom over Paragon City.

What: Unity Rally: Last Goodbye

When: 11 PM PST (2 AM EST, 7 AM GMT) Friday November 30th

Where: City Hall, Atlas Park, Every Server!

Sources: City of Heroes Sunset FAQ, Unity Rally: Last Goodbye

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